Identical twins, Callum and Jackson McPartlane are each one half of the exciting new duo
storming the Australian music scene, Bo’Ness. Their Everly Brothers-esque sibling harmony
tangles with acoustic guitars to create a unique Rock and Country blend. At just 18 years of
age these boys from the Gold Coast have already opened the national Red Hot Summer
tour and melted hearts on The Voice Australia 2020.
Of course, we all know success doesn’t happen overnight and Bo’Ness have certainly paid
their dues. Growing up just outside of Melbourne, in rural Whittlesea, as the children of
parents in the music industry, the brothers were drawn to performing from an early age.
“Every so often we’d be asked to go up on stage with the artists our parents were touring
with,” recall Callum and Jackson. “We would always get good reactions and that helped us
big time with being comfortable and confident on stage.”
There was a time as kids when their love of AFL may have thrust them towards a career on
the sports field. Yet the music in their blood compelled them to trade the Sherrin for guitars
and pursue a life on the stage. It was acts from well before their time, like the Beatles, Elvis
and most of all the Everly Brothers that shaped their early compositions and gave them a
fierce love for sibling harmony.
With all those influences in a melting pot, joined by their current heroes – Keith Urban,
John Mayer. The Living End and Paul Kelly - the boys describe it as “a real mix up”.
Mornington Peninsula Magazine describes it as, “you’ve got to hear them to believe it”.
These two aren’t just in it for the fun and fame either – they aren’t afraid to tackle difficult
issues with their lyrics and pride themselves on sharing music with a message. As outspoken
victims of bullying and domestic violence they’re honoured ambassadors for Kind is Cool
and Bullyzero. Their 2020 debut single, ‘We Don’t Need this Town’, inspired by their
dealings with domestic violence, shot to no. 10 on the iTunes Australian Country Chart and
No. 6 on the AMRAP regional chart – proving people are ready to listen to what these two
have to say.
The last two years have been a whirlwind for Bo’Ness. Since that debut single the twins
have delighted audiences on the small screen, appearing on The Voice Australia 2020,
where they made it all the way to the top 20. They’ve also been a staple on the Red Hot
Summer Tour for the last two years; opening the show for some of Australia’s greatest Rock
alumni, like Jimmy Barnes and Diesel.
While honing their skills on the big stages the boys have been gearing up for their next run
of releases. Their first new single, ‘Light up the Airwaves’ (released in Feb 2022), is an
uplifting headbanger, that radiates the positivity and energy of Bo’Ness’. Penned by none
other than Chris Cheney of The Living End, the track has received over 110, 000 streams on
Spotify and counting.
That’s not the only Aussie music royalty the boys have recruited for their new project either.
Produced by multiple Golden Guitar Award and ARIA winner Matt Fell, alongside Nashville
based ex-pat, Sam Hawksley, their new work features co-writes with Lachlan Brian, Andrew

Swift, Mike Carr and David Carter. Another of their upcoming tracks features music legend,
With so much success at such a young age it seems like a dream come true for Callum and
Jackson. But it’s a dream built on a literal lifetime of hard work and commitment. Their
lively Country Rock has quickly captured the ears of audiences around the nation and their
flawless harmony keeps you coming back for more. Yet it’s the poignant messages within
their music that really makes these songwriters stand out from the crowd.
2022 will see the pair continue their tenure with Red Hot Summer as well as bringing their
upbeat vibe to several other festivals and tour dates across the east coast. Bo’ness’ next
single ‘Still Young’ is set for release on July 22, 2022.

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